Videos, links and more videos


Oprah gives crappy health advice – Newsweek
I miss 80s Action Shows – Unrealitymag
Too many videos to link to – Failclips


2 Responses to “Links”

  1. re: Oprah: I don’t think anyone real (non-celebrity) has the money to buy the injections/pills/pay for all of those doctor visits/treatments, and I think that people have enough common sense to think this through and not go along with it.

    re: 80s action shows: What makes these clips so great is that there are no shows on right now that are like this; I do miss this kind of tv.

    • Re: Oprah – I don’t think people will necessarily follow those treatments, but I do think it feeds into the mentality of there being a quick fix on things. And also that there is something wrong with growing older – everyone ages, it is totally fine.

      Re: 80s shows – I would love to see a silly action show. Chuck is close to what those other shows were, but not quite enough action.

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