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People Doing Stuff Fast

When I was a kid I was obsessed with records. I would make my parents buy me the Guinness Book of World Records every year from the Scholastic catalog. I even remember enjoying I’m Going to Be Famous by Tom Birdseye because the record breaking attempts spoke to my soul. But since then I have basically given up on breaking any significant world record. If there was a contest for non-stop jelly bean eating then maybe I have a shot.


4 Responses to “People Doing Stuff Fast”

  1. I saw a cup stacker on Ellen and I am pretty sure it was a different person.

    • That is one I just don’t get – why do kids care so much about stacking cups? Also, I am sure those records get broken all the time.

  2. The fastest clapper looks like he is just moving his hands back and forth a bunch of times, hard to tell if he’s actually clapping. Also, most records are pointless.

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