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Kid With Crutches on Skateboard

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This video left me wondering if this kid was on crutches before he started skateboarding, or if skateboarding was the cause of his disability. But at this point, it’s not like his parents can give him shit for skateboarding. If they do, he can say, “What’s the worst thing that can happen? I won’t be able to walk?”


4 Responses to “Kid With Crutches on Skateboard”

  1. First, I would like to say, that there is no video on my screen, just a picture of a kid on a skateboard with crutches. Second, the worst thing that could happen is death, but taking that out of the picture, yes, not being able to walk would be the worst that could happen, however, it could lead to not being able to move other parts of his body as well. Third, hearing the other skateboarding video (below) every time I come to your site is kinda annoying, so I guess you have to post enough new things so that it goes to a different page. I’m not worried, though, as I know that day will come soon. (long post, sorry.)

  2. I think we have established that your computer sucks, though there are problems with videos from that site. As to your other comments, I have no comment.

  3. Actually watched this video, and it is pretty badass.

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