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Dog Silliness


It is hard for me to decide if the Doggie Shades! or the Snuggie for dogs is sillier. I am a dog owner and do understand why some people want to dress their dogs up. That being said, most dogs I’ve encountered hate having clothes or hats on and I don’t think people should force those things on their dogs.


3 Responses to “Dog Silliness”

  1. While watching the dog snuggie commercial, I got a little excited about the talking dog collar, until I realized that it is you talking, and not your dog.

    • I would love a collar which interpreted the dog like in Up. But I think that would be a bit pricier than a toss in with a snuggie.

  2. For the dogs who want them and are not bothered by them – they will feel the power of the mighty Snuggie!

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