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Dolphin Stand Up

This video is one of a series put together to promote the documentary The Cove, a look at dolphin killing practices of the Japanese. The movie has won a ton of accolades on the festival circuit and is supposedly a caper documentary, which looks pretty cool.

This is a very weird way to advertise a serious movie, but I kind of like it. If you click through to YouTube you’ll see a few other shorts in a similar vein.


3 Responses to “Dolphin Stand Up”

  1. That guy kinda looks like/reminds me of Scott from the Fishbowl.

  2. Just watched one of the real trailers, and this one is better.

  3. The guy does look like Scott! I think the movie looks interesting – one of the few environmental movies with unlimited budget, the director is friends with some really rich internet dude.

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