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Real Amish Housewives

A clever and funny spoof of Bravo’s Real Housewives tv programs. I haven’t really watched any episodes of the various housewives shows, but have seen clips on The Soup. I can’t say I understand the appeal of the shows, it seems like a lot of unnecessary arguing. And a lot of the women aren’t really housewives – some aren’t married, and many of them work.


2 Responses to “Real Amish Housewives”

  1. Watching these shows always reminds me of the half-pretend made-up arguments I used to have with my friends when I was 13. Like when two of us were mad at one person, only no one really knew why.

    It’s like that, but with fake boobs.

    • The shows need to stop calling themselves reality TV and maybe go by manufactured reality TV. The women are obviously not friends and are hamming it up for the cameras, but America seems to love it.

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