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I’m on a (Naval) Boat

I’m not usually a fan of home made music video remakes, even of silly Lonely Island songs. However, the fact that the stars of this vid appear to actually be naval officers and are performing on a US Navy vessel makes this one special. Part of me feels like they should have better things to do like protecting my right to update a silly blog at 7:15 in the morning, but I imagine it gets pretty boring when you are on a ship 24/7, and your room is the size of a coffee table. So I can’t really begrudge them having some fun with a video camera, and I’m assuming they got a sign off from their commanding officers.

UPDATE: The video is no longer available, perhaps someone farther up the line made them take it down. This is probably for the best, I think our Navy should focus more on stopping pirates than doing video parodies.


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