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Theremin and Cats

Youtube recommended this video to me, and was right, I did enjoy it. The theremin is such a weird instrument, but sounds cool, and might be most well known for the high part of the Beach Boys song Good Vibrations (though I think the theremin used in that song wasn’t as fancy as the one in this video). It is also very odd to watch being played as it kind of looks like magic.

This song is pretty well done though the guy doesn’t quite hit the high notes properly. As I was watching this video, on the right hand side there was a link to this video which was described as Cat and Single-Antenna Theremin, which sounded like the greatest internet video ever.

But it was kind of boring. Watching that lead to this video, which was a little better. I still want to see Theremin Cat though.


2 Responses to “Theremin and Cats”

  1. this guy is good, Theramins are next to impossible to play like this

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