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To Do – Stop the Presses!

While I hate the term ‘bucket list’ I do like the concept. Most of the things on my to do list are cliches from TV or movies and are likely completely outside the realm of possibility. The first one is probably closest to something I could do.

Working in direct mail, I have told printers to stop printing a project. However, it has never been the dramatic moment of running into the printing press facility shouting ‘Stop the presses!’ and then someone hits a big red button which shuts down all the machines. Having been to print shops the chances of someone hearing me yelling are slim (surprise, gigantic machines are noisy!) and the process to shut down is a slow one as just hitting stop is like pulling the emergency break on a train, only bad things can happen.

If I get really rich though, I’m definitely going to rent out a print facility just to run in yelling at people to shut it down.


2 Responses to “To Do – Stop the Presses!”

  1. Well, your name is Pressman, so it makes sense that this is on the top of your “to do” list.

    • It is always weird talking to printers and they’ll mention their pressmen, referring to the job title. It throws me for a loop a bit.

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