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Nail Gun Mona Lisa

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Though I am 99% sure this is fake, I still think it is pretty cool and would be super awesome if it were real. It took Leonardo da Vinci years to paint the Mona Lisa but this dude gets it done quite a lot faster. Modern technology kicks ass.


3 Responses to “Nail Gun Mona Lisa”

  1. Interesting but I also think it’s fake.

  2. I’ve seen several comments indicating why they think it is fake. The obvious reason that it is fake is that nail guns are not designed to shoot nails at 10 feet and have them stick in the board. Every nail is perfectly driven in the board and i doubt that 5 would have stuck.

  3. Adding to my comment about the nails would not have stuck having been shot away from the board. Whenever a linear projectile (such as an arrow) is set in motion horizonally because of the laws of motion, the heavy end tends to move to the leading edge in the direction of motion. Actually I think that none of the nails would have stuck in the board.

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