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Hard Rock Ghostbusters

October 7, 2010

Oh mashups, will I ever tire of you? If this had been the actual theme to the movie, I imagine they would have had to cast different actors who were maybe less funny but more badass. Basically pick 4 dudes from the Expendables and then the casting would have been more appropriate. Advertisements

Mid-Week Videos

September 8, 2010

Trying to make the US Open badass: Star Wars and Bohemian Rhapsody (that word always looks odd to me) – two internet faves combined: via and via

Bruce Lee’s Green Hornet Screen Test

June 24, 2010

With the first trailer for the Seth Rogen Green Hornet released this week, Cinematical dug up Bruce Lee’s original screen test for his role of Kato on the tv series. Even at age 24 he already evinced his unique martial arts awesomeness and philosophy. With so many actors learning how to fake martial arts now […]

2 Doses of Badass

March 26, 2010

I think I am more intimidated by the guy with the magazine. Anyone can break a ton of concrete blocks, but defending a folding chair with a magazine is hard to do.

Maybe the Most Badass Dog Ever?

December 7, 2009

I love my dog. She is sweet and cute and generally easy to get a long with. She is also high maintenance and always demanding attention or needing to go out or whatever. That being said, she is nowhere near as cool as this dog (don’t tell her that though, seriously, she would be very […]

Bruce Lee = Badass

November 5, 2009

It is unclear if the footage in this Nokia commercial is authentic, but I hope it is. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to learn Bruce Lee played ping pong with nunchuks. Seems right up his alley.

Shrimp Marksmen

August 4, 2009

more about "Shrimp Marksmen", posted with vodpod This shrimp is badass. It is a good thing people didn’t evolve guns as part of their bodies, or we’d all be dead.

Kid With Crutches on Skateboard

July 28, 2009

more about "Kid With Crutches on Skateboard", posted with vodpod This video left me wondering if this kid was on crutches before he started skateboarding, or if skateboarding was the cause of his disability. But at this point, it’s not like his parents can give him shit for skateboarding. If they do, he can say, […]

Just an Average Day

July 20, 2009

more about "Just an Average Day", posted with vodpod I do generally enjoy badassness in videos, and there are some moments in this one. But really, this is mostly just a series of the dudes in the video throwing stuff at stuff, which is okay, but not that great. I wanted them to fight bears, […]

Americans Dunk Basketballs, Russians Throw Vodka

July 13, 2009

more about "Americans Dunk Basketballs, Russians …", posted with vodpod Following up on my previous posts on American badassness (basketball, Beer Pong) is the Russian version. Russians don’t mess around with balls, they throw liquor. I think the best part is it looks like the video starts in one dude’s office. Maybe this has something […]