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A True Baseball Fan

May 27, 2010

Further proof that you shouldn’t bring a glove to the game, all you need is a cup. This is kind of like a really big game of quarters. Advertisements

More Exciting Than Baseball

April 23, 2010

When rain delayed two college teams’ game, they refused to just sit around and wait. Instead they put on a show. It seems like these weren’t spontaneous entertainments, they must have practiced at some point. My favorite part of the report was how the voiceover guy basically said at the end ‘oh, they played a […]


January 27, 2010

Are you a music racist? – The Village Voice Minor League Baseball player retires to become a priest. And he was good at baseball. – ESPN Fascinating profile of Iris Robinson, the wife of the First Minister of Northern Ireland. – London Review of Books As a short person, it is nice to know that […]

Take that, birds

June 4, 2009

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