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Stores Names

February 12, 2010

Not sure where this guy lives as most of the places near me try to come up with a better name than just listing what they sell. They might not all be clever enough to make it on Tanks a Lot, but are still better than calling themselves ‘Tattoo.’ Also, why does this dude have […]

Cool Party Tricks

December 21, 2009

Some of these are pretty cool, but a bit dorky. Definitely need to have the right crowd before attempting these. And if you fail, it would be quite the letdown. Also, I think the narrator being British might make them seem more impressive. The stupidest British person sounds smarter than the average American, that accent […]

This Kid is a Dick

December 15, 2009

At first I watched this video and I was all “Oh wow, that kid is making an interesting statement about technology, and its impact on education” Then my inner old man took over and the waistline on my pants rose by 4″ while a cardigan sweater magically appeared on my torso. With that transformation in […]