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More Exciting Than Baseball

April 23, 2010

When rain delayed two college teams’ game, they refused to just sit around and wait. Instead they put on a show. It seems like these weren’t spontaneous entertainments, they must have practiced at some point. My favorite part of the report was how the voiceover guy basically said at the end ‘oh, they played a […]


February 19, 2010

I really enjoyed the show Small Wonder as a kid, apparently I was an idiot – Four Four This does not reflect my college experience – NY Times A fascinating profile of Roger Ebert. As much a story about the living with cancer as it is about the man – Esquire Go Big Brother! – […]

This Kid is a Dick

December 15, 2009

At first I watched this video and I was all “Oh wow, that kid is making an interesting statement about technology, and its impact on education” Then my inner old man took over and the waistline on my pants rose by 4″ while a cardigan sweater magically appeared on my torso. With that transformation in […]

Crazy College Kids

October 2, 2009

more about "Crazy College Kids", posted with vodpod Crazy Canadians – of course they have a college where hundreds of kids would spend the time to make an awesome Black Eyed Peas video. It would be nice if it were a better song, but it is still pretty cool. It could also be a Benetton […]

Their parents must be proud

June 6, 2009

more about "Their parents must be proud", posted with vodpod