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May 17, 2010

The future of the American neighborhood relies on trains – The Atlantic How to pack properly, according to a flight attendant – New York Times 25 awesome senior portraits – Holy Taco Some ways forward in the digital media world – New York Times and The Atlantic Advertisements

The News is Predictable

February 1, 2010

Even though this is a commentary on the BBC, it is appropriate for the US as well. At some point TV journalists went from being reporters to just being reporting-by-the-numbers puppets. It might be for the best though, we wouldn’t want the news to alarm us in any way after all. via

The News in the 80s

January 8, 2010

If you aren’t pumped about the news broadcast after this video, there is something wrong with you and that makes me sad. via

Reporting Fail

September 1, 2009

more about “Reporting Fail“, posted with vodpod I’ve never been stung by a bee (knocks on wood) so I can’t say I would react any better than this guy. I don’t think this clip was live, which is too bad, but someone at the station posted this video online which is great. I could watch […]

Canadian Dogs are Enthusiastic

August 18, 2009

This clip is a great example of why live TV is awesome. I think I liked the weather woman’s comments the most. This clip also reminded me a bit of all the classic Tonight Show with Johnny Carson clips where the animals would do something crazy, and it seemed like that was actually the plan […]

New Yoplait Flavor – Squirrel

July 16, 2009

This has been flying around the internet. I guess it is cute, but I thought it was going be better. This also shows the difference between local news and national. If this had been on CNBC I am sure that Keith Olbermann would bust out a 10 minute rant about how we are destroying the […]