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Star Wars + Dog = Internet Success

June 29, 2010

Patrick Boivin combined the internet’s two favorite things – Star Wars and pets. I’ve never wanted to to embrace the Empire more. via Advertisements

Cute Animals

June 25, 2010

It’s Friday and I’m lazy. Enjoy the cute animals. via and via

Don’t Mess With Deer

June 18, 2010

At first I thought this video was going to be sweet and heartwarming, animals living in harmony. Then it got bad. This should serve as a reminder that wild animals, no matter how cute, probably want to kill you. And never get between a mother and her child.

Unnecessarily Angry Videos

June 16, 2010

Both of these videos were meant to be funny. However, I could see either becoming an actual Hollywood movie. If you do as much cocaine as film execs seem to do, you would get really pumped up watching these and give them each $100 million budgets. via and via

Dogs v. Sprinklers, the Epic Battle Continues

March 12, 2010

Videos like this make me wish I could get inside a dog’s head. Are they drinking the water or just offended by the sprinklers spraying everywhere. It almost seems like they are trying to shut them off but maybe it is something deeper. Maybe they know that lawns are a waste of precious resources and […]

Hopping Dogs

March 10, 2010

Somehow there have been two news stories about two-legged dogs. I was impressed by the Israeli dog, but the American dog totally wins in the battle to adapt to a disability. via

Dog and Order

February 23, 2010

My dog doesn’t seem to mind but a lot of dogs seem to have a problem with Dick Wolf. Check out this gallery of dogs reacting to the various Law & Order themes. It is really awesome to play them all at once, almost like listening to the symphony.

Cat Massage

February 23, 2010

Only having lived with cats for a brief period, I didn’t know about their need to knead (nice word work there Benjie). But apparently this is pretty common with young cats as evidenced by the gallery of similar videos at Cute Overload. If you can train enough of these cats to massage on command, you […]

Smiling Dog

February 2, 2010

This dog appears to smile. It is probably some other physiological response that we interpret as a smile because we humans are arrogant like that. Personally I think it is a demon dog using a smile to lure people in and then it clamps down and sucks out their souls. via

4 Cats, 1 Dog

January 26, 2010

Gotta love pet videos: Is that cat having fun playing or super pissed? This one made me nervous, but the videographer didn’t sound concerned. I don’t speak that language though… Best part is when the person filming says she will send the video into ‘funniest videos.’ Only the Japanese would devote a whole tv show […]