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Psychology, The Dude and the Matrix

September 16, 2010

Classical Conditioning On College Roommate, posted with vodpod It is pretty cool that classical conditioning works so easily, and seeing it expressed in such a bro-tastic way is great. On a completely different plane is this awesome mashup of The Big Lebowski and The Matrix – two defining movies of my late high school experience. […]


January 15, 2010

The interweb was a little weak for videos recently, but these are a few articles (they’re long, be prepared to read for a bit) that I found interesting: 1) Our awesome American imperialistic tendencies might be conquering the minds of other countries as well – New York Times Magazine 2) A good analysis of the […]

I want a Marshmallow

September 17, 2009

more about "I want a Marshmallow", posted with vodpod This video is classic psych experiment on delayed gratification. It is cute and funny to watch these kids struggle (or just give in right away) with waiting to get a second marshmallow. It gets a little less cute when you read this New Yorker article and […]