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Yum, Stop Motion

May 25, 2010

Stop Motion + Food = Yes Please. The internet has ruined my birthday, btw. After seeing all the awesome videos people have assembled for loved ones’ birthdays, almost anything that my friends and family put together will seem lame. Of course they are the only ones who read this so, sorry guys. Step it up […]

‘The Matrix’ Done with Legos

November 30, 2009

Oh man, I loved legos when I was a kid. I sucked at playing with them, just liked building things. My favorite sets were a pirate ship and a castle. The castle had secret passageways, and trapdoors, very cool. Believe it or not I also had allergies and was crappy at sports as a kid, […]

Flip Craziness

October 16, 2009

more about "Flip Craziness", posted with vodpod This video is a bit disturbing in content. I was more impressed with the method and execution than the story itself. I can’t imagine how long this took to setup, but it probably took a while. This is the kind of thing where I like to imagine the […]

This Took 1500 Hours to Make

August 25, 2009

more about "This Took 1500 Hours to Make", posted with vodpod I’ve watched this a couple times and can’t decide if I like it or not. The music is pretty awful but fitting with the 80s video game vibe. There are some interesting moments, and I always love stop-motion, but I think the creators were […]

Lego Movie Stop-Motion

June 17, 2009

Speckyboy collected a bunch of Lego stop-motion films paying homage to real movies. I’m still working my way through them, but wow, people spent a lot of time on these. Legos, stop-motion and the internet are like a perfect storm of OCD nerdiness.

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

June 12, 2009

more about "Iron Man vs Bruce Lee", posted with vodpod Bruce Lee is awesome, but Iron Man would win. I mean Bruce Lee was killed by tylenol.


June 12, 2009

Stop motion is great. This probably took forever. I wish post-its would entertain me when I am procrastinating. Instead I have to settle for reality television and pirated video games.