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Birds, They Are Just Like Us

February 25, 2010

This is in Toronto, and according to the poster: The passengers of this train have nicknamed this pigeon ‘Henry’ and claim that at least once a week he is seen riding the subway and always walks off at the same exit. This is pretty awesome but if Henry wore a suit and carried a briefcase, […]

Slow Dance

October 6, 2009

more about "Slow Dance", posted with vodpod I think this video says a fair amount about New Yorkers. Most of them don’t even give this slowly moving woman a second glance. They have places to go and just rush on by. But at the same time, they just leave this woman alone. A slowly moving […]

Last Music Superstar?

July 1, 2009

I was reading a post on Asylum about who was the greatest American Musical Icon: Elvis, Sinatra or Michael Jackson. To me it is no contest, Jackson wins hands down. Sinatra was undoubtedly an icon both a movie and music star. Elvis was the voice of a generation and is, I believe, still the best […]