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Just Like in Minority Report…

June 3, 2010

Some dorks figured out a way to physically interact with a computer. For some reason I feel like the first commercial application will end up being porn. They are such innovators in that industry. via Advertisements

Nail Gun Mona Lisa

February 18, 2010

Though I am 99% sure this is fake, I still think it is pretty cool and would be super awesome if it were real. It took Leonardo da Vinci years to paint the Mona Lisa but this dude gets it done quite a lot faster. Modern technology kicks ass.

One Step Closer to RoboCop

February 11, 2010

This technology looks awesome, and the expression of joy on the man’s face when he takes his first step is awesome. For me, I can’t wait until this technology is ready for everyone. I really want to dunk a basketball. via

Facts About Projection

February 9, 2010

This video made me wonder about technological nostalgia. The creator acknowledges that his job is an anachronism, which some might see as a bad thing, but to me just seems like the way technology constantly moves forward. I bet when the wheel first came around several thousand years ago some people sat around saying things […]

TV is Fake

December 29, 2009

Green screen is making television lazy. I can understand that it is expensive to go on location, but to fake a bus stop or the courthouse steps seems a bit much. The technology is definitely getting a lot better. I saw some clips that I had no idea were green screened prior to seeing the […]

This Kid is a Dick

December 15, 2009

At first I watched this video and I was all “Oh wow, that kid is making an interesting statement about technology, and its impact on education” Then my inner old man took over and the waistline on my pants rose by 4″ while a cardigan sweater magically appeared on my torso. With that transformation in […]

Cheating at Pool

September 22, 2009

more about "Cheating at Pool", posted with vodpod Considering I suck at pool, I would love to have some technological assistance. Though I know that even if I had a guideline, I would still mess up somehow and scratch. I am assuming this research into robots playing pool has a greater purpose than just a […]