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Sometimes I Miss the 90s

August 11, 2010

Though the 90s are pretty forgettable for many reasons and provided the worst fashion decade of the century, good stuff still happened. Maybe it is because I grew up in the 90s, but the SNL actors of that period were some of the greats. Phil Hartman and Chris Farley were standouts at the time and […]

Hump Day Links

June 9, 2010

If San Francisco’s hills were determined by the crime in the neighborhood, a cool visual representation – Doug McCune Some people say the internet is distracting, but I disa… sorry, got an IM, what was I saying? – New York Times It is cheaper to buy a fake newspaper than use a real one on […]


May 20, 2010

This video embodies two important truths: 1) He-man was a terrible cartoon, it really makes no sense and I am insulted that I enjoyed it as a kid. I was apparently an idiot. 2) 4 Non Blondes kinda sucked, I’m still not sure why that song (even non-techno-remix) was ever popular. via

George & Susan Reimagined

May 4, 2010

This is one of the best fake trailers I’ve ever seen. I could totally see this movie plot happening, likely starring Will Smith to show his dramatic range. It is especially great as George is the exact opposite of this characterization. When Susan died George was indifferent and almost happy, because he is evil.

Mini Hills

May 3, 2010

Little kids acting out The Hills. They sound smarter and more interesting than the actual idiots who are on that show. I’ve seen maybe 30 minutes in total of The Hills over the years, mostly from watching The Soup and don’t understand how it has been on the air for years. But I also have […]

Old School v. New School Mashups

April 22, 2010

Above is what has become a standard trope in mashups – one source’s video with another’s music. It works out well with The Dude being made into MacGuyver but is starting to feel a bit worn about the edges. Below are two recent Iron Man mashups that insert Iron Man into other movies. I think […]


April 6, 2010

David Mamet is awesome. Also, a show called ‘The Unit’ makes me giggle. – Slashfilm Maybe you really can enhance things? – Wired I’m sure this guy will have no problem getting a new roommate. The large collection of knives isn’t creepy at all. – Craigslist

Ro-Sham-Bo Glove

March 18, 2010

While I am impressed by the invention, it seems a little sad that the guy doesn’t even have one friend around with whom he can play rock-paper-scissors. Maybe he could use his inventiveness to produce something useful like a TV remote glove. via

Dog and Order

February 23, 2010

My dog doesn’t seem to mind but a lot of dogs seem to have a problem with Dick Wolf. Check out this gallery of dogs reacting to the various Law & Order themes. It is really awesome to play them all at once, almost like listening to the symphony.

To Do – Stop the Presses!

February 17, 2010

While I hate the term ‘bucket list’ I do like the concept. Most of the things on my to do list are cliches from TV or movies and are likely completely outside the realm of possibility. The first one is probably closest to something I could do. Working in direct mail, I have told printers […]